SpecialCare Hospital Management Corporation (SHMC) is a national firm which offers a variety of programs and services specially designed to improve your hospital's financial situation and market share, while offering needed services to your community. We are currently offering our services at multiple affiliated client hospitals from coast to coast.
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Corporate Compliance

We are committed to ethical practices in all of our patient and client interactions. Contact our Chief Compliance Officer to report possible inappropriate or illegal conduct: 866-813-4554

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From: "Substance Misuse Among Older Adults Expected to Increase by 300% between today and 2020".

..."Substance use disorders among older adults are often misdiagnosed, missed and confused with other difficulties related to aging".  Learn more by visiting a New Vision location near you... + Learn more


..."Thank you for helping me become a better mother and person"...

..."I just want to say thank you New Vision, for bringing hope to people's lives, proving to us we do have another chance and there are people who truly care"... + What you need to know


Inpatient medical stabilization & withdrawal management service
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New Vision

Specialized Hospital Management services
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SpecialCare Consulting

Does your program need performance consulting?
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