SpecialCare Hospital Management Corporation (SHMC) is a national firm designed to offer needed services to your community. We are currently offering our services at multiple affiliated client hospitals from coast to coast.
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Corporate Compliance

We are committed to ethical practices in all of our patient and client interactions. Contact our Chief Compliance Officer to report possible inappropriate or illegal conduct: 866-813-4554
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News & Announcements

New Vision for Expectant Mothers is in the news!
WLKY featured the story of Marcy, a patient who successfully completed treatment with NVEM prior to the birth of her baby boy. + Watch the video

This Is Me: A Recovery Story from a New Vision™ Client
"I always justified what I was doing by saying at least I'm not doing meth or heroin." [...] "I went to New Vision™, then to rehab again and actually took it serious this time and worked on myself."+ For the entire story

"Thank you for helping me become a better mother and person"
"I just want to say "thank you" New Vision™ for bringing hope to people's lives, proving to us we do have another chance and there are people who truly care" + What you need to know

New Vision

Inpatient medical stabilization & withdrawal management service
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