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Substance Use is more prevalent among people in the LGBTQ+ community.

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  • People who identify as gay or lesbian are 2x as likely to have a severe alcohol use disorder (AUD); people who identify as bisexual are 3x as likely (1)
  • Prevalence of self-reported substance use in the past year was higher for sexual minority groups compared to their heterosexual peers. Gay men and bisexual women, specifically, are more likely to report it on a whole. (2)
  • Cocaine use was higher for all sexual minority groups, with gay men being most likely to report it
  • Bisexual women showed the highest prevalence rate for OxyContin misuse
  • Meth use was highest among gay men; bisexual men and women were similar in their use.
  • Prevalence of SUD among transgender patients is significantly higher – 10% vs 2.6% of general population (3)

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