How Working with SpecialCare Can Benefit Your Hospital

The disease of addiction has become a national epidemic, affecting communities throughout the United States.

Even while the Covid-19 pandemic continues in waves, substance use is increasing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that U.S. deaths from overdoses
rose 28.5% in the period of May 2020–April 2021 over the prior 12-month period.

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Hospitals of every size are striving to meet a growing community need for addiction and behavioral health services. Meeting the increased demand for services is a delicate balancing act.

SpecialCare has specialized inpatient medical stabilization and withdrawal management services that are designed to help your hospital meet the growing demand. Our hospital clients include large multi-hospital systems, rural health facilities, and critical access hospitals.

Benefits to Your Hospital

  • Decreased pressure on valuable ER resources
  • Effective case management & reduced length of stay
  • Meet community needs for treatment services
  • Assists in establishing more efficient handling of these cases

The services provided are executed through a management contract between SpecialCare and your hospital, and tailored for the needs of the individual hospital.

SpecialCare is the largest private medical stabilization administrative service contractor in the United States with nearly 400,000 patients treated. SpecialCare administers services in multiple states within the continental United States. See our locations map for our current locations.

Our Process

SpecialCare will prepare an individual proposal based on the specific circumstances and needs of the hospital. The hospital will complete a data sheet that allows development of a feasibility analysis and a financial pro forma. The custom proposal includes a detail of service, and an agreement can be submitted upon request.

Once a contract is signed, SpecialCare conducts an orientation for hospital department heads. SpecialCare develops and coordinates a public information campaign for the selected service in the hospital’s community. In addition, SpecialCare provides on-site personnel, administration systems, reporting systems, suggested medical protocols, nursing orientation, and financial audit assistance, including reimbursement analysis.

The hospital provides the licensed patient beds, physician coverage, nursing care, admitting and discharge processing, billing and collections, and all other customary activities. The patients are normally admitted to the medical floor, so nursing services are administered as part of the fixed overhead, eliminating the need for specialized nursing care.

The hospital will bill, collect and retain all patient revenue, less expenses. SpecialCare will receive a monthly fee for the management of the service.

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Fast Facts about SpecialCare

  • Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri

  • Established in 1992
    We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary!

  • Part of the BayMark Health Services
    family of addiction treatment companies
    BayMark is the largest provider of opioid treatment in North America

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