Answers to your frequently asked questions about New Vision

New Vision is a hospital-based medical stabilization service for patients that are suffering withdrawal from certain drugs and alcohol.

We provide medical treatment for the acute and life-threatening physical symptoms of withdrawal.

New Vision accepts patients that are 18 years or older in active withdrawal from certain drugs or alcohol.

New Vision is able to provide a safe medical stabilization setting for individuals dependent on opioids like heroin & OxyContin, cocaine, alcohol, benzodiazepines (benzos) like Valium & Xanax, prescription medications, methamphetamine, and/or combined substances.

Not all New Vision locations accept patients withdrawing from all drugs listed. For more info, please contact the New Vision location directly. Find locations by viewing our location map.

No, all patients are voluntary. It is their choice to begin their road to recovery. They are seeking help and want to break the cycle of addiction.

We are not a rehab. New Vision is a medical service offered through acute care hospitals to assist and stabilize patients through their acute withdrawal phase and prepare them for continuum of care in a behavioral setting such as residential rehabilitation, intensive outpatient counseling, etc.

Patients are placed on a specific stabilization protocol containing scheduled medication as well as PRN medications (those administered when needed) to medically treat the patient.

During the patient’s stay, the New Vision staff works with the patient to formulate a comprehensive discharge plan based on the patient’s needs. This appointment is facilitated by the New Vision staff and upon discharge, the patient is ready to move into the recovery phase of addiction.

Prior to stabilization, these patients are unable to enter that setting due to their illness. They are too physically ill to be active in the recovery process that a behavioral setting requires. It is required that patients be medically stabilized as well as medically cleared to enter the next level of care.

No, New Vision is a medical treatment service, and has no behavioral component. Patients are primary medical/substance.

Yes. Patients that suffer from addiction often have other co-morbidities, or two or more co-occurring diseases or conditions, due to their substance use. New Vision does not exclude those patients as long as their co-morbidities are controlled.

For example, a patient that has a history of congestive heart failure, but is on a current working regime of medication, could be admitted to the New Vision service.

Two common diagnoses among our patient population are bipolar disorder and depression; patients with a history of either who are currently on a working regime of medication could be admitted to our service.

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“I would recommend this service to anyone in need of good, respectful treatment. You are treated as an equal to anyone else.”
– Illinois