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New Vision at
Summit Medical Center

6350 E. Second Street
Casper, WY 82609


Substance Abuse Treatment & Withdrawal Management in Casper, Wyoming

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New Vision is the first step toward recovery.

New Vision at Summit Medical Center is now open! We provide inpatient medical detoxification services to patients from Casper, Douglas, Laramie, and surrounding communities in Wyoming.

New Vision is a medically supervised, hospital-based service for adults experiencing impending or active withdrawal from alcohol, prescription medications, and/or certain drugs.

New Vision provides safe, confidential, compassionate and reliable care with a typical stay of 3-5 days for people who qualify.

The diagnosis of need for inpatient care can only be made by a licensed physician. The service accepts most insurance plans. Please call our Intake Coordinator for more specific info – 307-223-4400.

Proven Care

New Vision is based in a hospital, where patients are cared for by physicians & nurses trained in managing withdrawal.

Confidential Care

Patients are admitted to the hospital like other patients, and info about your treatment is between you and your care team only.

Informed Care

Patients are directly involved in every step of their care, and decisions related to discharge planning are in their hands.

Compassionate Care

Our Hospital team is trained in withdrawal management – this is our expertise. You should entrust your health only to the best professionals.

It is a process to manage withdrawal with medication under the care of nurses & doctors. New Vision is inpatient hospital-based medical stabilization. Our clients are patients of the hospital, and are usually admitted for a 3 day stay.

This service is intended to help medically treat individuals who are experiencing withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, so that they can begin their path to recovery. Any adult (18 or older) who is misusing certain substances may be a candidate for treatment.

We offer a safe and quiet place to recover where your immediate needs are quickly addressed. We include you in decisions made relating to your discharge care plan and make it a priority to have a follow-up appointment scheduled for you prior to completing treatment with New Vision.

SpecialCare Hospital Management administers this service for the hospital and has a financial interest in this service. The diagnosis of need for inpatient admission can only be made by a licensed physician. (rev.061015)

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“My employer referred me to New Vision and now I am back to work as a new person. Thank you!”
– Ohio