Substance Use & Alcohol Use Disorders and Employment

Information for Employers

Introduction to the Issue

Millions of people across the country struggle with substance use disorder. Substance use is rarely just an “at home” problem and can affect every aspect of the person’s life, including school, community, and work. Substance use disorder is a health issue, not a personal choice.

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Employee Substance Abuse Costs Employers

  • Substance & Alcohol Use Disorders are not rare: Approximately 1 in every 11 workers were affected by one in the past 12 months
  • Alcohol Use Disorder, specifically, is the most common type in the US: Of the above 9% of workers, about ¾ reported having an alcohol use problem
  • Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace accounts for:
  • 65% of on-the-job accidents
  • 38% to 50% of all workers’ compensation claims
  • Alcohol use problems cost US companies between $33 – $68 billion each year due to:
  • increased insurance & healthcare costs
  • lowered productivity & attendance

These monetary losses are due to issues like:

  • high turnover rates
  • reductions in productivity
  • workplace theft
  • higher absenteeism
  • more sick time use
  • lower quality of work

For every $1 invested in an Employee Assistance Program, employers generally save $5-$16.
– US Department of Labor

Prevalence: Employment Status

of Adults 18 & Older Who Reported Illicit Drug Use in the Past Month

The majority of those who have used an illicit drug in the past month, approximately two-thirds, are members of the workforce.

Note: the “Other” Employment category includes students, persons keeping house or caring for children full time, retired or disabled persons, or other persons not in the labor force.

Figures are for the United States

Source: The National Survey on Drug Use & Health, 2020

How Can New Vision Help?

We understand that as employers, you want to support the best interest of your employees. Referring employees to New Vision can provide you with additional resources and support for employees struggling with addiction and dependency.

Additionally, We Can:

  • Assist in the development and implementation of workforce education programs and policies involving substance abuse
  • Help employees resolve a personal problem that may be impacting their job performance and wellbeing
  • Provide support & resources for family members of employees

Help your community address the addiction crisis.
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