This Is Me: A Recovery Story - Opal

A single mother of one child, and expecting another, Opal knew she needed to ask for help. New Vision for Expectant Mothers™ was there to help her begin the recovery process.

Opal* is a single mother of one young child and expecting another baby. She has been using Heroin IV and smoking crack for the past 2 years. She also used benzos on occasion.

While at a local community baby shower, Opal obtained information about our service. She contacted New Vision for Expectant Mothers™ the very next day to inquire about our services and to see if we could help her.
She was admitted to our service and remained inpatient for 12 days. Her length of stay was longer due to her benzo use and her goal of abstinence. Opal was safely stabilized and discharged to a residential treatment specializing in pregnant and parenting mothers.

After her discharge, Opal and her child are living together in this residential program where she continues to live sober. She has attended every doctor appointment as scheduled and is expected to deliver a healthy, drug-free baby in the upcoming weeks. Both kids and mom will all live together in the residential program in the beginning and then Opal will participate in a program that assists with transitional housing.

Opal has re-enrolled in college to finish her degree. She continues to be a positive mentor and role model for other women in the residential program. Opal voices her gratitude for the New Vision for Expectant Mothers™ service at almost every doctor appointment!

* patient's name has been changed to protect identity